Capellan Confederation

Holdfast Guard

Wasp LAM MK I (AirMech) WSP-100

Painted by: Psycho

Posted on: 1/28/2015 (5 years old)

Color Scheme

For parade colors, the Holdfast Guard displays its war machines in brick red accented in gold and black.

Per FM:Capellan Confederation, page 55.


The Confederation crest is always prominently displayed with regimental insignia set beneath it. The Hussars' divisional crest is a stylized version of the old Capellan emblem. Instead of the five spokes of starscape radiating outward, it more closely resembles a hand.

The command insignia is the planet Capella quartered by two dao swords running north-south and east-west.

Per FM:Capellan Confederation, pages 52 and 55.

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