Draconis Combine

2nd Legion of Vega

Sunder Resculpt SD1-O

Painted by: Mastergunz

Posted on: 10/19/2009 (10 years old)

This mini was painte using P3 Skorne Red and Greatcoat Grey with Highlights done in P3 Khador Red, Khador Red Highlight and Bastion Grey respectively. The red section was given a watered down wash of GW Devlin Mud. Cockpit is a wet-blending of GW Enchanted Blue, Ice Blue and Space Wolves Grey.

Color Scheme



The Legion insignia is still a rat (now known as "Tikki"), though the rat's current incarnation is slightly less scruffy and now wields a Japanese-style sword. Per FM: Draconis Combine, page 121.

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